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About Me

Adam McCarthy


Hey I'm Adam McCarthyI got into filming and photography since 2013 and have been editing since I got my first computer when I was young. ​​Personally I love Disney, Marvel (MCU), Star Wars and the DCEU “film nerd at heart”. I love all forms of art, Musicals, Drawing, Theatre, Music, Editing and Capturing Moments.​I got Married in the Summer of 2019, we had a photographer and videographer, which is amazing cause they both caught a lot of things that we where too busy to see at the time.  ​I have done videography and photography for Theatre Companies, engagement shoots, video proposals, family photoshoots, couple shoots, events ie parties and lots of weddings. I also edit videos, photos and audio tracks.​During the summer of 2020 lockdown vol 1 I made my hobby my new job and I've not once looked back. One day I hope to make this my full time job. ​​I love being part of someones special day. Capturing a moment for them to remember and for me meeting new people.​Please Feel Free to look/shop around ​

Yours Adam McCarthy x

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